about us

about us

about us

oh hey,

we’re imie, hebe & nate. we’ve got a mix of backgrounds, and came together slinging drinks in some of london’s best cocktail bars.

for us, it was clear that something special happens in a great bar. it was something convivial, welcoming, gregarious that we found ourselves drawn into and celebrating. we delighted in seeing people from all walks of life, mixing together over a delicious drink. to us, that moment of bonding and equality is simply magical.

and we noticed something fundamental – that it wasn’t about how expensive the wine is, or how fancy the martini glass is. the camaraderie was just as potent over a refreshing cider as it was over a well-made sazerac. so long as the drink was delicious, it could take a back seat and just allow the mixing of characters to happen.

and so, we put our heads together to see how we could make more of this happen, without the constraints of the four walls of a bar. in essence, we didn’t want it to end, and so we developed easy social cocktail co, a way of increasing the versatility of mixed drinks to allow more of this blending together to happen.  

check out our mission and if you fancy, take a punt on our seltzers, get together with some mates, and hopefully then you’ll agree, that life is better when we mix. 

get in touch on insta or email us on hello@easysocialcocktail.co

life is better when we mix